Ottawa Morgentaler Clinic letter-writing campaign

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has been busy helping spread the word about the letter-writing campaign on behalf of the clinic. The City of Ottawa gave a permit to the anti-choice forces allowing them to protest across the street during their 40 Days for Life vigil, as well as have a parade in front of the clinic on Mother’s Day. Please write letters in support of the Morgentaler clinic, and the many women who will be subjected to harassment by the protestors. Points to include in your letters are as follows, as well as the fax and phone numbers of the contacts at the City and Police. Thank you for writing! (Also if you’re in Ottawa, Planned Parenthood is hosting a letter-writing evening on Monday April 6, 5-8pm, 251 rue Bank St., #201. For more info, email Melanie at or call 613-226-3234.)

Ottawa Morgentaler Clinic protests – Here are key points for letters to the City of Ottawa, Police, and newspapers:

– Clinic protests violate the fundamental right to access a necessary medical service in at atmosphere of privacy and dignity.

– Protesters should not be allowed to interfere at the point of access to health services, especially at such a vulnerable time when women need privacy. This amounts to intimidation of patients.

– Picketers outside clinics increase patients’ stress and anxiety, which results in a higher risk of surgical complications, or which delays surgery.

– Picketing outside abortion clinics is associated with a doubling of the rate of violence and vandalism against clinics.

– Women’s right to access abortion outweighs protesters’ right to freedom of speech in that particular place. [i.e., it’s a justifiable limitation under Section 1 of the Charter] They are free to protest anywhere else.

– It is completely inappropriate for the City to give a permit for activities that other jurisdictions have prohibited (i.e., the court injunctions against some protesters at some clinics in QC, ON, and AB, and BC’s Access to Abortion Services Act). The City is endorsing harmful and unconstitutional practices.

Addresses (we recommend sending to the City, with a copy to the Police):

Patricia B, Permit Services
City of Ottawa
City Operations, Public Works
Traffic and Parking Operations Branch
100 Constellation Cres, 5th Floor West
Nepean, ON K2G 6J8
Tel 1-613-580-2424, ext 28164
Fax: 1-613-560-1333
Superintendant K. Roberts
Ottawa Police Service
Central Patrol Division
P.O Box 9634, Station “T”
Ottawa, ON K1G 6H5
Fax: 1-613-760-8098
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